I can highly recommend everyone to follow Anika's workshop Expressive Movement & Painting. In a relaxed environment you can empty your head, have some fun and connect with the little you. You don't have to be creative and you can bring any mood you're in. How wonderful is that?

Marsha de Munnik

When I got the invitation to attend to Expressive Dance & Painting, my first thought was: that's not for me. Painting with hands and making a mess? Well no. But it was amazing! First dancing alone or with the group, free or imitating, with great music. Then we dived into painting without brushes. It was liberating and I could work just the way I wanted. Wearing old clothes, we enjoyed the freedom of the paint. It was beautiful to see what was made, afterwards, and to share the experience.

Marja Macville

A nice relaxing workshop where I could find the creativity that resides in me and that I can’t always feel. Often I consider that I can’t draw or paint, but here I experienced again that that assumption is not true. During the workshop I felt how I became more and more free to do what makes me happy and understood clearly that is not about the end result.

Inez Hartog

It was absolutely an amazing adventure we had, and I was so proud of the team and the art we created together. I must be very honest with one thing, that I wasn’t so sure at the beginning if the event would be successful. It was more or less requesting some of my colleagues to come out of their comfort zone. I remember before the event, Anika told me that she recommended us to do it bare foot. I was almost freaking out, what??? Bare foot, I can’t imagine it! But you know what? It worked! The whole afternoon we were enjoying, laughing, thinking, finding ourselves, meeting our souls. I could see the faces of my colleagues, faces changing from confused to relaxed, from nervous to focused, from careful to determined. It was awesome! I absolutely recommend this course.

Meng Wang | Isban-Grupo Santander | Teambuilding session