What is Expressive Dance & Painting

In Expressive Dance & Painting we first bring our body, emotions and thoughts into movement. Then we give colour and shape to what is moving inside of us. There is nothing new to learn and there is nothing to improve. It is about remembering what we already know, and about experiencing what is already here.

Free movement and expressive painting are universal languages. Everybody can move in her or his own way and everybody can create. There is no technique, neither judgement nor the search for an aesthetic result. We play, explore and create with an open heart in a safe atmosphere.

The artistic work that comes from the body awareness contains our own answers and truth. While painting we use a symbolic language. Behind each colour, each shape and each element of the painting there is a meaning waiting to be discovered. The artistic work help us to get a clear image of our deep needs and our next steps. As Pablo Picasso says “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

Why Expressive Dance & Painting

Our behavioral patterns are embedded in our thoughts and feelings, but also in our movements. Playing and exploring new ways of moving is a direct way to deactivate those old burdens that don’t belong to us anymore. By moving freely and spontaneously, we get rid of our old patterns, and we enter a more authentic self.

When we dance or move, the mind can find rest and can regenerate itself. By slowing down the mental activity, a balance between feelings and thoughts comes naturally. In this balance we are more powerful and purposeful.

Painting using the spontaneous movement of the body allows us to express directly from our source. Feelings, needs, emotions, sensations, can emerge without being blocked by the judgmental part of the mind. Painting with the hands and getting dirty is a way to reconnect with our inner child and to focus on the here and now.

Furthermore, it has been proven that dancing and being creative makes us happier and smarter. Dr. Lawrence Katz is an internationally recognized pioneer in neuron regeneration research and author of Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness. He found that mental decline was due to the loss of communication between brain cells, not from the death of brain cells themselves.Dr. Katz coined the phrase “neurobics” to describe brain exercises that use senses in new and novel ways. Dancing and painting do not just increase the neural connectivity but also integrates several brain functions at one – kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional.

A research conducted by The Arts in Psycotherapy explains that when dancing an ample flow of mood-improving chemicals is realised helping to elevate our mental state, reducing depression in comparison to vigorous exercise or listening to music.

Practical details about the lesson

Expressive Dance & Painting is a place to be yourself using a different language than in your daily life.

We use movement, dance, mimics, improvisation, voice, massage, music, painting, drawing, clay, relaxation, rhythm and silence.

We wear comfortable clothes that allow us to move freely and to enjoy the pleasure of getting dirty. However, that is completely up to you. The paint we use is water-based so it is easily removed from the clothes.

The lessons have normally a specific themes. The exercises and materials to work with change according to the theme.

Experience is not necessary. Having an experience is actually our goal.

Tuesday (weekly)
19:30 - 21:30
EMMA Centrum
Cremerstraat 245/247 | 3532 BJ Utrecht
Come for a trial lesson on the 18th of September at 19:30 (€5)