It might be that you are going through a difficult moment and that you need some support and a safe place to express yourself and to be heard.
In individual sessions we give space to what is causing the struggle by talking and by creating. The creative work contains all the information you need to know about yourself. In the sessions I help you to find your own answers and to find new ways of looking at yourself and/or at the situation.

As human beings, one of our very basic need is to be seen and accepted. The same happens with what we call problems. When we give attention to what is causing the pain it might go by itself.


- Being aware of your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts.
- Expressing what it needs to be expressed.
- Listening to your own needs.
- Connecting with your own power and wisdom.



If you have never done art therapy, or you are not sure if it can help you, or you have some questions, etc. you are very welcome to try a session.

- The first appointment is for free.
- Length of the sessions: 60 minutes aprox.
- Price: €60
- Location: Utrecht
- Language: English and Spanish