My name is Anika Garcia. I was born in Spain and currently I live in The Netherlands.

I studied Fine Arts at Complutense University of Madrid (2008-2013) and Art Therapy at Hephaisto Art Therapy School of Madrid (2013-2017). I started dancing at age seven and since then dance has been my inspiration and my compass.

In the diverse projects, workshops and team building sessiosns that you could participate in, I combine movement and creativity. By moving in a playful manner, you experience your own expressivity. If we then switch to a creative process, you'll take that expressivity. Now it's easier to let go of of the result and of judging it. This way you free your body, express your emotions and observe your thoughts. You will get closer to your needs and find your own answers.

Opening the door to authenticity and creativity is what I love to do.


Anika Garcia
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